“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.”
― Julia Child

sense is here to create uniquely planned menus & assist with elevating any occasion that is deserving of great food, friends, and memories.


what makes sense

Described as five natural powers, through which we receive information about the world around us, our sense leads us to all things memorable. Consider the first time you heard your favorite song, witnessed a sight you would have never believed without seeing… Maybe even the scent of the ocean on a drive as the coast nears.

These are examples of the amazing things that become part of our being when our senses are connected to our surroundings.

From early on, we’re taught that in a 24 hour day, three meals are planned. Then they come, then they go. Are those really the limits we should place on something that can alter our daily life experience? For some, possibly.. But, not all.

This brings us to the ideology of sense.

After years of seeking.. Eating, exploring, wandering, & cooking in this beautiful world of ours, unknowns became wonderful memories. Cultures & cuisines of civilizations transformed into influence. Food, in it’s simplicity, was no longer solely fuel. It began to resemble more of an attitude of adventure. Ingredients formerly unheard of, use of familiar products in new ways, the formula of provisions & technique opened a curiosity that seems to be limitless.

Sense looks forward to gathering ingredients, utilizing techniques, and offering you a unique culinary experience that will both create memories, while inspiring you to want to create even more.



Whether you have an upcoming event that you would like to have a menu that will stand out in the minds of all guests, or you simply want to experience some creative and memorable snacks and create an occasion around that, sense is here to help.

Tailoring an exciting and memorable line up of ingredients & techniques, we invite you to be a guest at your own occasion. Feel free to sit back and enjoy all of the offerings, or pull up your sleeves and take part in the creative process. Either way, we hope you’ll be left already wondering what else is possible; what else is next..

To begin the process of creating a unique culinary experience for you and your guests, please contact sense and see just how simple a wonderful event can become.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

about the chef

Reino Cruz, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, has spent the majority of recent years traveling, cooking in cities across America, and even abroad. Whether it’s slicing fresh blackfin tuna just brought aboard in the Caribbean Sea, or crushing curries from scratch in Chiang Mai, Thailand, it’s the experiences and living the cultures that have developed a rooted desire to pass on the indescribable experiences to those interested.

Hitting the road to cook for rockstars on tour, among other experiences, prepared him for handling whatever task is at hand. This practice eventually paid off, getting the chance to compete in front of millions on television’s Food Network. Now, here at home, he looks forward to bringing that enthusiasm, the memories, and the flavors to all who look to broaden their culinary experience.

sense has been an idea of his that continues to grow. Please join him in the organic development of this adventure.

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